Three Reasons to Visit the Tacoma Art Museum This Year


Before moving to Tacoma in 2010, Mark and I came up from Los Angeles for a couple of exploratory visits.  There were a lot of things about Tacoma that appealed to us, but it was ultimately the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) that played the pivotal role in our decision to make the move. We were blown away by the beauty of the building and by the quality of the exhibits.  It was a real “aha” moment for us.  If a city the size of Tacoma could support a museum of this caliber, we knew it was a place we could be proud to call home. 




We became actively involved at the museum soon after moving to Tacoma, attending exhibits and getting to know the staff and other museum supporters.  I was asked to join the museum’s board of directors in 2012, and I’m currently serving as the Vice President of the board (in line for the presidency in 2021).  We’ve got three upcoming exhibits at the museum that I wanted to share with you – each one different from the next and all worth a look.

Bart at TAM: Animating America’s Favorite Family

Beginning this month, TAM will be showcasing a private collection of animation cells from America’s longest-running prime time television series – The Simpsons.  The exhibit offers an in-depth look at the collaborative process behind this much loved classic.  We’re excited to bring this show to the Pacific Northwest and expect it to be a blockbuster, appealing to visitors of all ages.  Opens July 20, 2019.




Monet, Renoir, Degas and Their Circle: French Impressionism and the Northwest

This fall, TAM will launch a special exhibit of French Impressionism, curated by Executive Director David Setford.  The French Impressionists were thought to be radicals in their time, but they had a significant impact on artists in the Pacific Northwest and their work was eventually incorporated into the best public and private art collections in the region. This exhibit will include signature works by Monet, Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Alfred Sisely, Gustave Caillebotte, Gauguin, Berte Morisot, Mary Cassatt and Degas, as well as works by some of the American artists that were influenced by the French Impressionists – Theodore Robinson, Theodore Wendel, CC McKim, and Clara Jane Stevens.  Opens September 28, 2019.



Forgotten Stories: Northwest Public Art of the 1930s

I’m particularly excited about TAM’s upcoming exhibit of public art from the 1930s.  Many people have forgotten that the U.S. government supported the visual arts all across the country during the Great Depression, employing hundreds of artists and commissioning thousands of works of art.  This exhibit will offer an extensive overview of the work that was created in the Pacific Northwest during this period.  The exhibit is being developed by TAM’s Curator of Collections and Specific Exhibitions, Margaret Bullock, who has been working with a group of colleagues to produce a major publication to accompany the exhibit, supported by the Henry Luce Foundation. I think Margaret is brilliant so you won’t want to miss this show.  Opens February 22, 2020.




The Tacoma Art Museum is a world class institution.  Its mission is to connect people through art.  The museum is a big part of what makes Tacoma so special to me, and I’m proud to support it.  I hope you’ll take the opportunity to visit soon.

Jeff Williams is a top-producing Realtor with Windermere Professional Partners, specializing in residential real estate in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, University Place and Lakewood.
Jeff Williams: (253) 303-1135


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Historic Home Workshop for Real Estate Brokers


I’ve always had a deep appreciation for historic homes.  It’s one of the reasons that I love living and working in Tacoma, with its abundance of intact architecturally significant historic buildings.  It’s no accident that Tacoma still has so many incredible old homes.  In part, it’s because city leaders recognize and appreciate that historic homes are an important part of Tacoma’s identity AND because the city is committed to protecting and preserving its old homes.  In fact, the city’s Historic Preservation Office just won a state-wide award for the outreach programs that they’ve developed to strengthen public understanding of the importance of historic building stock to the fabric of a community.  As a City Commissioner on the Landmarks Preservation Commission, I’m grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to support the city’s efforts.





Historic Homes Workshop

There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding landmark preservation and how it can and cannot impact homeowners in Tacoma.  This disinformation is due in part to the fact that many real estate brokers aren’t as well versed on the topic as they should be.  In an effort to help better educate the brokerage community, I’ll be leading an informational workshop for local real estate brokers on Monday, July 8th in association with Windermere and the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission.  We’ll cover the potential benefits that landmark designation can have for homeowners and some of the guidelines that owners of landmarked homes must follow when making external modifications.  We’ll also discuss the ways in which historic restoration and adaptive reuse can pave the way for increased investment capital in the community.




If you have any questions about buying or selling a historic home, please give me a call.  I’m happy to assist.


For More Information Please Visit:





Jeff Williams is a top-producing Realtor with Windermere Professional Partners, specializing in residential real estate in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, University Place and Lakewood.
Jeff Williams: (253) 303-1135


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Our Top Three Waterfront Sales


Waterfront living isn’t unique to the Puget Sound region, but it’s definitely part of what makes working as a Realtor in the area so special.  Jeff, Miles and I have listed and sold some really great waterfront properties over the years. They’ve each had features you would expect to find with a waterfront property, but they’ve also had personal histories that have made each house unique – and uniquely personal to us. Here are three of our favorite waterfront sales.





First up is a Raft Island Modern that was rebuilt from the foundation up in 2008 for an artist friend of ours and her husband.  The architect for the project was their son, which made owning and living in the house extra special for them. Some of my favorite things about this house are the open volumes of space, the mix of repurposed wood and steel, the huge windows overlooking Henderson Bay, the expansive wrap-around deck and the artist studio up above the house.  It’s rare to find this combination of drama, elegance and craftsmanship on the water, which made this home a pleasure to list and sell.




Waterfront homes aren’t just limited to the saltwater shores of the sound.  There are also lots of fantastic lakefront homes in the area. A buyer client of ours recently purchased a beautiful, historic home in Lakewood with 130 feet of water frontage on desirable Gravelly Lake.  Our client was looking for a home that was big enough to entertain her kids and grandkids, and this house definitely delivered. Features include a spacious gourmet kitchen, a formal dining room, comfortable sitting areas and several decks with views of the lake.  This gated property also includes a dock and a two car detached garage with a guest apartment above.





The last home on our waterfront “tour” is a spectacular west-facing property in Poulsbo that we sold to friends of ours a few years back.  The house was originally built for a glass artist in 1997, and his handcrafted light fixtures and stained glass windows can be seen throughout.  This property embodies the best of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle – sweeping views of the Olympic Mountains, easy access to the water for paddle boarding and kayaking and an abundance of oysters, mussels and crab just waiting to be harvested.  We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy many a feast over the years at this one of a kind waterfront gem.





There are a lot of things to consider when you’re buying or selling a waterfront home – soil stability and drainage, bulkhead condition, tideland rights and moorage capacity to name just a few.  That’s why it’s important to partner with a Realtor who has experience with waterfront homes and a good working knowledge about what makes them unique. If you’re thinking about buying or selling a waterfront home, we’re here to help.


Mark Pinto is a top-producing Realtor with Windermere Professional Partners, specializing in residential real estate in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, University Place and Lakewood.

Mark Pinto: (253) 318-0923

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How Pierce College is Raising the Bar for Student Success

Obtaining a post-secondary education is a big accomplishment, but it can also be a challenging journey for many.  In addition to their academic demands, many students experience unexpected life events that can add a whole new level of difficulty to the process. Many high performing students at local Pierce College have been faced with these unexpected challenges and have been forced to make tough decisions that often directly impact their education. Can you imagine having to make impossible choices like: Rent or tuition? Dinner or daycare? Textbooks or hospital bills?


The Student Success Campaign


As a member of the Pierce College Foundation Board of Directors, I’m involved in an effort to help these students in need called the Pierce College Student Success Campaign. This $3.3 million fundraising campaign focuses solely on ensuring the success of high performing students faced with trying life challenges. Donations to the Student Success Campaign come from a variety of advocates, including alumni, faculty, staff, community members and local grant sources.



The Foundation and Campaign at Work


As an early example of the success of this campaign, I can share a story about a recent nursing school graduate. She was abandoned by her husband in the middle of the academic term, suddenly making her a single mother. Because her classes took place in the evenings, she needed childcare in order to attend. With her change in circumstances, she was unable to afford the necessary childcare.  The Foundation stepped in to pay for her childcare for the rest of the term, allowing her to attend all of her classes and eventually graduate with honors. Because of success stories like this one, which have greatly benefited the lives of its students, Pierce College was recently recognized as one of the top five community colleges in the nation by the Aspen Institute.

In addition to its efforts to support the Student Success Campaign, the Pierce College Foundation hosts several different fundraising events throughout the year, including a golf tournament which will be held this year on August 15th, 2019.  Click here for more information and/or to register:  The Foundation also hosts a Distinguished Alumni dinner where supporters and advocates can make donations to support student scholarships and other important student services.



Success Stories


Pierce College focuses on enabling students to achieve their academic goals and broaden their futures, with the hope that they’ll give back to their communities. Pierce College alumni have gone on to contribute to the South Sound community in incredible ways.  One good example is Victoria Woodards, the current Mayor of Tacoma, who is a Pierce College distinguished alum.

More than 60% of the student body at Pierce College is made up of first-generation college students who may have had to beat the odds just to get where they are. This is one of the many reasons the Foundation works so hard to ensure that all students have the tools necessary to succeed.  Many students go on to attend four year colleges in the area, with the majority transferring to UW Tacoma, while others go directly into working in their field of study.

I’m proud to serve on the steering committee for the Student Success Campaign, on the Foundations’ board of directors and on its finance committee. I believe strongly that the success of our community depends on having a motivated, educated workforce, and Pierce College is helping to close the hiring gap for many businesses in our region. It’s really gratifying to serve and support the college and to watch our students go on to become leaders in the South Sound and beyond. 



Please click here for more information about the Pierce College Foundation and the Student Success Campaign:  Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you!


Jeff Williams is a top-producing Realtor with Windermere Professional Partners, specializing in residential real estate in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, University Place and Lakewood.
Jeff Williams: (253) 303-1135

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Craft Beer Makers Revitalize Tacoma’s Historic Brewery District

Tacoma was recently featured in a report by KIRO-7 news’ Kevin McCarty.  McCarty notes,

“Tacoma has always been a beer town… and these days business is booming”.  “Several independent craft beer makers are reviving the city’s historic brewery district.  Craft breweries large and small are popping up in and around the city’s historic brewery district along Pacific avenue in roughly the same area that once housed three large brewers a century ago. Heidelberg, Columbia and the original Pacific breweries once operated very close to an area now seeing an explosion of beer makers.  From 19th street to south 55, large independent breweries are up and running or in the works with several small micro-brewers also dotting the area. Recently Gig Harbor based Seven Seas has announced they’ll open a large scale operation after converting an old warehouse near S. 21st and Jefferson streets.”

For those of us that love beer and Tacoma… this is certainly a “win-win.”

Click here to read the full article!



Jeff Williams is a top-producing Realtor with Windermere in Tacoma specializing in the purchase and sale of historic and luxury homes.   Click here to email Jeff or give him a call at 253-303-1135.





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Jeff Williams named to the City of Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission

Congratulations to Jeff,  recently nominated and approved by the Tacoma City Council to serve a two year term on the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission.  The mission of the group is as follows: The Commission reviews and approves applications for changes to registered Landmarks and buildings within local historic districts, reviews nominations and advises City Council regarding additions to the Landmarks Register, and participates in the planning process.
To learn more about historic preservation, landmarks and historic districts in Tacoma visit the city's historic landmarks page here.  If you'd like to discuss the benefits of putting your historic property on the City of Tacoma Historic Register call or email Jeff, he'd be happy to hear from you!.


Jeff Williams is a Realtor with Windermere specializing in purchase and sale of historic and luxury homes in and around south Puget Sound.  Click here to email Jeff or give him a call at 253-303-1135.

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Jeff Interviewed by Fox 13 News Regarding the City “Flipping” Houses

I was was recently interviewed by Fox 13 News regarding a proposal going in front of the Tacoma City Council that recommends the city start "flipping" derelict properties.  Given my experience flipping houses I feel that an $800K grant is not enough money for the city to impact the many derelict properties in Tacoma.  I believe the money could be better utilized to provide incentives to private individuals to take on the projects instead.  I will be working with City of Tacoma officials to further explore more realistic and concrete ideas on how to best utilize the grant money for maximum impact for the residents of Tacoma.  Click the photo below to see the full story below.  -Jeff


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NW Furniture Bank Receives Windermere Donation


Windermere Professional Partners Agents Present $9,000 Check to Northwest Furniture Bank!

northwest furniture bankThis week Windermere Professional Partners agents returned to Northwest Furniture Bank to present them with a check for $9,000. Last time the agents were atNorthwest Furniture Bank they were delivering mattresses, assembling furniture, and painting walls. So what happened?

“Several years ago the WPP Broker Advisory Board (made up of agents elected from WPP offices) took the initiative to select the charitable organization that our company would support on an annual basis,” says Kevin Mullin, Owner and Managing Broker of Windermere Professional Partners. “When we heard Bill Lemke’s story and the reason he and his wife have such a passion for their work, Northwest Furniture Bank was embraced as the chosen charitable organization for WIndermere Professional Partners Realtors.”

NW Furniture Bank works with non profits all over the county to provide new and used furniture to families in need.  Since learning about NWFB, WPP Realtors have held fundraisers, assembled furniture, helped families pick out items for their homes, and loaded furniture into moving trucks to deliver right to people’s homes.

“After a few volunteer days there, we can not say enough about the great things Northwest Furniture Bank does for our community,” says Kevin. “And the fact that we are able to help Bill and his team in those efforts is something all of us at WPP feel good about.”

The check for $9,000 came from The Windermere Foundation. The Windermere Foundation was created in 1989 as a grassroots effort by local Windermere Realtors to serve families in need in Washington State.  Over the past 20+ years the foundation has grown to include every single Windermere office in America.   Over the past 20 years, the foundation has organized donations for more than $21 million dollars to provide shelter, clothing, children’s programs, emergency assistance and other services to those in our communities who need help the most.

Every single home that is sold by a Windermere Realtor includes a donation to the Windermere Foundation, which then goes on to support projects all over the country. 


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Jeff recently participated in the Urban Land Institute’s study of the Hilltop Neighborhood of Tacoma


Tacoma, WA


Tacoma, Washington:
Leveraging existing and future assets to attract investment along the Martin Luther King Jr. corridor (aka the “Medical Mile”)

Tacoma’s Medical Mile is a downtown corridor bordered by two of the oldest residential and commercial areas – the Stadium neighborhood to the north, and the Hilltop neighborhood along the south.  Nearly 1,000 housing units have been built in these areas accompanied by substantial investment from two major health care providers located at both ends of the corridor (a third medical clinic is under construction midway between the two hospitals).

The study area has a large stock of older commercial and residential structures that offer opportunities for authentic neighborhood redevelopment complemented by large scale investments.  Over the last ten years, extensive community outreach and planning has occurred, resulting in significant growth opportunities. Public and private investment continues to occur in the area with the potential to extend light rail service to this corridor by the Sound Transit, the regional transit authority.  A number of alternative routes are under consideration with a decision on a preferred route in 2013.

The City of Tacoma and private landowners control key properties in the area. Attracting and sustaining major private investment outside of the hospital systems has been difficult. Development plans for these properties are in the conceptual design stage offering investment and development opportunities for a wide range of land uses and development configurations.

The City of Tacoma seeks input on how best to leverage existing assets that will attract investment along the Medical Mile.


  • Significant investment by health care sector occurring
  • Contemplated light rail investment
  • Mixed-use zoning in place and programmatic EIS underway
  • Parks, schools and other public amenities in place
  • New residential and mixed-use development
  • Authentic character and neighborhood pride


  • Perceptions of disinvestment
  • Neighborhood concern regarding health care sector growth
  • Connectivity within study area
  • Sustainable private sector growth

Meet Tacoma's Rose Center Faculty Advisers


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A Peek Inside McMenamin’s Elks Lodge



We here in Tacoma have been anxiously awaiting the start of construction by boutique hotel chain McMenamins to restore the Elks Lodge in downtown.  Well the latest from McMenamins website shows some amazing "before" pictures of the heavily vandalized property, and predicts an opening in late 2013.  Oh, please let me it be so!  Click the photo at the left  to be taken to the gallery .



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