North Tacoma North End Home Prices Continue to Increase in the Second Quarter
Luxury Real Estate Pierce County’s Over Million Dollar House Market is Heating Up Jeff Williams and Mark Pinto were recently interviewed by Kate Martin of the Tacoma News Tribune to explore the current trends for the over million dollar housing market in Pierce County.  As the listing agents for three of the over million dollar listings that are currently pending sale in Pierce County, they shared insight about buyers for […]
North Tacoma Home Prices in Tacoma’s North End Continue to Climb
Buying A Home Talk to a Lender Before You Start Your Home Search The number of buyers searching for homes in Tacoma’s North End far exceeds the number of homes for sale, which often results in multiple offer situations that require buyers to compete for the house of their dreams.  For buyers who plan to finance their home purchase, obtaining loan pre-approval before submitting an offer is critical.  […]
North Tacoma Low Inventory in the North End Drive Home Prices Higher
Selling Your Home Why selling your house in the winter may not be such a bad idea Redfin recently conducted a study looking at more than 7 million home sales over the course of the past four years to determine what impact, if any, seasonality had on the sales process.  Not surprisingly, the study confirmed that listing your home for sale in the springtime was likely to result in a quicker sale […]
Market Statistics North End Home Prices Continue to Rise in the 3rd Quarter
Buying A Home Severe Lack of Home Appraisers is Complicating Real Estate Transactions Diana Olick of CNBC recently wrote an article that sums up the reason for frustration for many home buyers and sellers in the South Sound region.  Olick notes,  “Housing demand is rising rapidly, but a key cog in the wheel to homeownership is in deep trouble. The people most needed to close the deal are […]
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Market Statistics North End Home Prices in the 2nd Quarter Continue to Rise
Community Craft Beer Makers Revitalize Tacoma’s Historic Brewery District Tacoma was recently featured in a report by KIRO-7 news’ Kevin McCarty.  McCarty notes, “Tacoma has always been a beer town… and these days business is booming”.  “Several independent craft beer makers are reviving the city’s historic brewery district.  Craft breweries large and small are popping up in and around the city’s historic brewery district along Pacific […]
Market Statistics The Real Estate Market In the North End is Great… If You’re a Seller.
Market Statistics North End Home Prices Continue to Strengthen
Market Statistics Why is Tacoma a Top 10 Housing Market to Watch in 2016 Tacoma recently ranked as number 10 on Trulia’s top 10 housing markets to watch in 2016, a list that also included cities like Grand Rapids, MI, Charleston, SC and Austin, TX (see the full report here).  Trulia’s rankings were based on a number of different criteria including strong job growth, low vacancy rates and high […]
Market Statistics North End Homes Prices Continue to Strengthen Sales data for third quarter 2015 are in, and unlike previous years where we've seen a weaking in third quarter in north end home values, this year we've seen the market remain strong.  Inventory levels are a incredibly low levels.  We expect a slow down due to seasonality in the fourth quarter but all indications […]
Market Statistics Foreclosures drop to lowest rate since 2008 The number of homes in foreclosure has hit its lowest mark since January of 2008 – just another sign that the housing market has fully recovered.  Only 1.1% of all houses in Washington State are in active foreclosure.  The rate may be a bit higher in Tacoma’s North End, given the fact that Pierce County […]
Market Statistics Census Data Suggests a Shift from King to Pierce County   According to an article in the Seattle Times, Gene Balk examined recent census data surrounding an emerging trend that points to a shift from King County to more affordable Pierce county.  Gene notes, "It's no secret that newcomers are pouring into King County from around the country and the globe.  In fact, we broke a record in 2014 for the […]
Market Statistics North End Home Prices Weaken After a very strong spring real estate market, prices for homes in the North End of Tacoma (zip codes 98403, 98406 and 98407) are weakening and inventory is increasing. With interest rates staying low and inventory on the rise the market has created a window of opportunity for buyers this fall.  Click here for full […]
Historic Homes The Vintage Y – Home in Tacoma’s Theater District   One of the things I love most about selling real estate in downtown Tacoma is introducing clients to the different condominium buildings there – some shiny and new and others tastefully restored.  The Vintage Y at 714 Market Street falls into the tastefully restored category.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the […]
Historic Homes Misconceptions about Tacoma’s Historic Homes and Neighborhoods There are a lot of misconceptions about historic homes and historic districts in Tacoma.  As a Realtor, a former board member of Historic Tacoma and a current member of the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission, I’m often asked about the potential impact that historic designation might have on a property.  Many people worry that historic designation is a negative thing.  I believe (and […]
Architecture What Makes a House a “Craftsman?” As a Realtor who comes from Pasadena, California (the birthplace of Craftsman architecture), and a current member of the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission, nothing makes me crazier than real estate agents who incorrectly market houses as a Craftsman.  It is our job as Realtors to understand houses!  Craftsman is a distinct historic architectural style, and 95% of the […]